About us

Sepideh Sadipoor is an Iranian-Canadian self motivated artist and designer based in Toronto, Ontario. Nature is not only a passion but, a destination for Sepideh to envision her creations of work through the smells, sounds and sight of the scenes. Through the beauty of art, Sepideh has expanded her experiences of design for luxurious men’s accessories.

With extensive practice over the years in Tehran and Toronto, Sepideh has become an expert in the field of designing hand-made fabric and ribbon floral boutonnieres. These designs range from various sizes, fabrics, materials and more for men’s suits. Through her experience, she has advanced her practice by designing her own luxury line of men’s dress furnishings.

In 2015, Sepideh’s fantasy of the exquisiteness of butterflies and their different species has led to the creation of Sepid Limited. Sepid is a company that designs, manufactures, markets and retails a branded line of high-end luxury men’s dress furnishings. This includes handmade lapel flowers, stone pins as well as pocket circles and squares. Just like the multicolored patterns on the butterfly’s wings, Sepid aims to create the most innovative and finest men’s dress furnishings.